Women Motivation

All Work & No Play…

Women, we can’t have that, now can we? We have got to get our sexy on at some point in living life experiences. Do not become stagnant in your pursuit of pleasure and passion. It’s NOT all about work ya know…Finding “Mr. Right” might not be in the cards at this place of your journey, so why not have a bit of fun with “Mr. Right Now?” I know, I’ve inferred that we should be holding out for Mr. Right but, I’m going to admit right here at authentic woman that life , love, passion, and happiness doesn’t always mean playing the waiting game for that prince of a fellow to ride into your space & take you away to live out your fairytale…Sometimes women we’ve got to take control of the reins and make happiness work for us!

So, as we look forward to a beautiful authum(fast approaching btw) let’s plan on living a happier, authentic & safe adult life by living and playing it like we wanna play it… in the meantime “Mr Right”, you know where to find us!

Authentically yours…


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