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Women Dealing With Heartache…

Bob's Love Affair (Cinema 1915)
Image by New York Public Library via Flickr

It’s a safe bet that when a woman falls in love-she falls hard. So what do women do when that one true love breaks your  heart by saying; “I loved you baby but”?  I’ll tell you what I’ve learned from living life experiences…

I’ve learned that we keep moving, keep producing and when all else fails, we cry buckets of tears on our pillows and scream ! The one truism I’ve found when dealing with the pangs of a broken love affair is that Prayer works. Pray for strength to keep going and then get up & go!

Take a moment to cry your bucket of tears and have that pity party and then seek to find your “truth” SELF. Examine what it is you want for you.  Looking within after breaking up with a significant other will help center you and lead you to a source of self-healing. Oprah said “Love don’t hurt” but she was talking in the sense of physical/emotional abuse.

I’m saying “Love does  hurt” especially when it’s from having the person you’re in love with leave the relationship you’ve invested so much time and energy trying to save. Women & men can suffer from a love gone wrong. They can also choose not  to give in to the pain and despair that follows a breakup.

Women suffering broken hearts must learn to embrace the pain.  Don’t try to deny its energy-Let it flow through you and then let it go! The time will come when you’ll wonder “What was that about?”  I’m a romantic at heart, always will be. I love the very idea of falling in love. I’ve learned, however, that what I envision two people in love should look like is oftentimes ones’  own preconceived notions or illusion with a fairytale ending…

Sometimes the reality of what love is shatters our perceptions as we’re forced to face the reality of what it isn’t… It’s okay to live for love ,but when that  love goes awry? Be savvy enough to recognize that it’s gone … Continue to live and love your  SELF…

And keep your heart opened for the love that’s sure to come!



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