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Women and Stress

Today, I’m going to come out of a healthcare-nurse bag on you guys:) For those of you who are not aware, October is Cancer Awareness Month. My advice to safeguarding your health is to be pro active in seeking out care when you suspect your body is out of alignment & women we know our bodies! On thrusday, I visited my own doctor and before she could sit down, I began my list of complaints. I told her how stressed I’d been with just about everything happening inside & outside of my control with living life experiences. I started with the economy of course, lack of funds, lack of stability and total dislike for a job that I knew was draining the life source right out of me! But, I admitted how fearful I was of walking away from such a job ( inclusive of health, dental & life insurance benefits) as I had no backup plan…

My doctor, truly concerned decided to offered something to help with the stress, which I declined. So she settles on lab work, decreasing meds I was already taking for a diagnosed precondition & offered to notify me if a job opening happened on her watch…eternally grateful, I submitted to doing my part to lessen the amount of stress on my body & mind. I already exercised and vowed to alter my diet of sugars & caffine. I also meditate, drink more water, take deep breaths and try to get the proper amts of sleep…

Dr. Oz calls stress, the “hidden epidemic” and the “silent prey”, with triggers for women being the economy. job security ,and family health problems. Do you see yourself or someone you love in this scenario? I do. Stress kills. It works our bodies from the inside out. Women we have to learn how to cope. On this journey to authenticity, we must pray…. and take the advice of our doctors to seek serenity. love . eat nurioushing foods, and care everyday…AND

PS. Find the career that doesn’t steal your joy…


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