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When The Relationship Is Not Working…

When the relationship is not working for you…send a prayer  up to heaven and let it go. I know those are big, bold words most women don’t want to hear. Some of us even go around thinking that we just can’t do better for ourselves, especially women of a certain age. We question our ‘male magnet’ radar. True, the years have taken their toil and we’re no longer as perky& taunt in some places- a bit gray, but  it’s not just about  how attractive we think the opposite sex perceive us…it’s about how worthy we perceive ourselves. If we know that we are beautiful  from the inside out and that we are  enough, then those around us will pick up on other traits we possess that shows just how beautiful we are & make it a point to know us.

I’m reminded of a conversation I’d had with a male acquaintance where he  stated that women as they age are almost always willing to settle in a relationship. I thought for a moment about this bit of man introspection. Asking myself would I settle in my search for Mr. Right? Frankly, no! I still want a man to treat me with respect. Romance me and let me know just how special I am. I still want a man to be strong, decisive, spiritual and have enormous respect for women & the elderly. Have patience for children and willing to show compassion for the less fortunate. Have I ever settled in the past? Darn right I have. That’s why I’m at a place where I know I deserve better  because I’m better and not about to settle for less even as I age with dignity & grace…

How about you? Are you in a relationship where you’ve settled? Was my friend right in his assessment about women of a certain age willing to settle? Authentic woman  think on it!


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