Women Motivation

Count Your Blessings!

I could easily spend the week crying my eyes out & bemoaning my fate as the days seem endless & the work load heavier with ne’er a soul to say “it’s alright”…I could easily allow myself to self indulge in playing the “why me?” game but, I won’t. Obstacles have hurled themselves at my feet this week, seemingly blocking any attempt at progress in work, at play & in the space where I’m most comfortable, seriously attempting to wreck my flow! I can’t have that. Why? Because I’m stronger than negative energy that threatens my peace and so are you. Women are emotional creatures who tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve. A fellow calls it quits & we wonder where we went wrong… Ladies I’ve got news…As my mom once said to her three daughters when spilling on relationships & life lessons: “There’s nothing wrong with you, The problem lies with him!” You all feel me? 

Having an horrendous week of work? I’m there… Don’t let folks you work with steal your joy! Remember, like the song goes…”I fly above all the haters!”  So can you, by thinking on positives instead of negatives…women of authenticity we have to remember that life is a journey …who promised you a rose garden?  My personal mantra that reminds me I’m blessed goes something like this …”I inhale “faith” & exhale “fear”…count your blessing people and heal yourself better…


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