Women Motivation

When Things Fall Apart…

Those of you my age and older might remember the novel by Chinua Achebe THINGS FALL APART. A  great, great classic tale about moral and social conflicts in life. I’m no match personally to this book’s premise as my woes in life can oftentimes be sated by listening to the inner voice of reason and always seeking out a simple (sometimes not) solution to every problem. Take in account what happened mere weeks ago. My brand new computer crashed, causing me to lose all of my files which in hindsight should have been saved…  as a backup plan to preventive measures in the matter of PCs…My Bad! Anyway I felt down for the count as I’d lost 2 manuscripts I’d been working on for a few years…countless  pictures of my children & grands…completed works of short stories all primed for contest entries, age old works for when I felt the time was right to seek publication… resumes for gigs, as well as a fairly recent piece of romantic fiction I’d almost completed … Suffice it to say,I felt the gaping hole of loss internally…

All of this in the midst of having ended a brief bond with a seemingly great guy & I surmised the devil was busy trying to take up space in my place of residence…It was something my teenage granddaughter recited to me that called for reflection. She  stated how she often used this phrase she’d heard by an unnamed someone on television or, someplace by someone ,and promptly adopted it as mantra for her own teen woes (yes, even teenagers have those days!) Thanks to her for repeating this thoughtful adage of some other writers’ work and thanks to that writer because I’m using it when things fall apart in this woman’s journey on the road leading to authenticity…

“Good things fall apart so better things can fall into place”…PS. I’ve recently signed a writers contract to do a magazine feature … “Believe it and you can achieve it! AND don’t forget to pray on it “:)


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