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Synchronize Your Romantic Liaisons

The Hoilday spirit is upon us, yay! For women we’re envisioning romantic meet & greets…Lovely winter get-aways with a new lover/ interest, or an ole ‘dear’ friend to reconnect with and embrace the simple  joy of Christmas and New Years…Single ladies are ready to experience the beauty of a  “love Jones” with the men in their lives…Anticipating a first, second and third date of sorts with the man in your life oftentimes lead to misinformation, missed opportunity and inappropriate responses if the two of you are not on the same page when making that love connection…

Women of a certain age are not pass the initial nervous energy when meeting a new & potential love interest. Believe me when I tell you; It can become a roulette wheel of second guessing and too little, too late incidences…Women have to make sure that their ‘mate’ get the memo.. 5pm doesn’t mean 4:15 or 4:30pm…5pm means exactly that…When a woman tells a man to meet her at this exact time, or pick her up at the specified time. Men don’t come too early, or too late and if you do this mistake, don’t bother ringing the doorbell because you won’t get a response. Why?

Because if you’re too early, chances are we women are still in the bath, with egg white on our faces and won’t ring you up! If you’re too late and doesn’t bother to call? We figure you could really care less and become disinterested in the whole thing! Again, don’t show up. We’d prefer to think you’re a waste of time and wouldn’t mind not hearing from you again!    

As we all prepare to spend the Holidays with the one we’re with, we think ” it’s all so grand!”  Romantic liaisons could turn out to be so perfect… if the parties involved don’t forget to synchronize their watches…


2 thoughts on “Synchronize Your Romantic Liaisons”

  1. Thank you so much for visiting the Celebrating the Success of the Modern Woman blog! I love your blog, we seem to discuss similar things! I will add you to our blogroll!
    We will be opening up another submission period for the January issue in a few weeks, check our blog and website (http://modernsuccessfulwoman.com) for updates!
    Thanks again!


  2. Thanks so much for visiting, commenting & adding “Authentic Woman” to your blogroll…I most certainly will do the same for your blog celebrating the modern successful woman!



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