Women Motivation

Girls Having Fun!

Having fun is a good thang! This is the time of year, however, where many women will choose to not mix N mingle, preferring instead to sit home and have themselves a very old ‘woe is me’ pity party…Ladies it’s time to let that feeling sorry for self float away … go out and have yourselves a mighty good time. The reality is that depression/depressive moods do occur in the gloomy winter months where there’s no sunshine and the overall ‘blah’ blusey feeling seem to invade your soul, depleting the energy and casting a spell upon the spirit of us  …It’s hard I know,but, guess what? It’s your decision. Life is a blast and the changing of the seasons can be a bummer, but easily reworked to your advantage.

Remember how Madonna sang  “Girls just wanna have fun?” Well, that’s the first step. No matter what age we are. We are still girls filled with an innate gift for laughter, bonding, friendships, and throwing down with some devine culinary skills in the kitchen! The authentic woman knows how to get over herself and allow those blues to dissipate as her survival mode surfaces into high gear.  It’s time to accept holiday invites. To party like its 1999 and live life to the fullest! As Tupac would say, “Ya feel me?”   Be safe. Stay Strong and visit Authentic Woman often to rejuvenate your sense of “self'” by loving & embracing the woman you’ve always wanted to know!

Happy Holidays!


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