Women Motivation

Respect Is Earned-Even In Relationships!

“He doesn’t respect me!” How many times have I heard this woman utterance over the years, in and out of the workplace? Many times. Sometimes women frankly go for men for all the wrong reasons: He has money. Sporty wheels. Takes care of my needs… The he’s the strong-silent type won’t wash either. Talk to me brotha,communication is the key! AND, what about this? How does he treat his mother? Does he like children? Is he spiritual? Carry himself with dignity and pride? More importantly, does he respect you?  Many of us are finding ourselves involved with men with tempers; think Rhianna. There are those of us who feel we just can’t do any better when it comes to having a man in our lives and then there are women who take stuff just because it’s easier to allow him to disrespect us than to make a ‘scene’.

Does any of this sound like you? Women it’s time to wake up and reassess your “self-worth”. Women are peace-makers. We are too accepting of our men ugly ways. How can we turn the tide? Simply by finding/living your own truth . Respect is earned. If we’re out here letting our men run amock by making ourselves available to  his every beck and call (seen this scenario too many times) where the woman runs to answer every annoying/disruptive phone call on the job without putting her foot down and saying to the jerk  ” Hey,I’m at work. Don’t call me!”  That ole  familiar adage “A man will disrespect you if you let him.” surely rang true in this woman’s situation. But, it’s never too late for her & women like her to take stock of who she is. Understand that she deserves respect. She is worthy… Women of authenticity you get it…


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