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Lest We Forget:Simple Things Oftentimes Brightens…

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As Christmas ends and the New Year begins, some of us also returned to somewhat of a  normal weekly routine, inclusive of returning to work if we’ve been lucky enough to have spent the Xmas Day off. Such was the case for me. I spent my Holiday listening to soft spiritual instrumentals… Christmas songs by Louie Armstrong and Andrea Bocelli. I even popped in some robust country by Darius Rucker as I went about preparing turkey & dressing with the trimmings for my family. It was a great day in and of itself. I was happy to be home, comfortable in my comfort zone as I immersed myself in my “wholeness”

I returned to work  my day job on Saturday, quickly stepping back into my “nurse” mode…There are all sorts of challenges on a job where you’re dealing with the comfort & well being of others and true to form, I came home on Saturday evening completely exhausted. I barely had the stamina to check my emails, but when I did, my spirits instantly lifted. There was a loving message from a  someone & it made me feel, well, “special.” 

Sunday, I returned to my nursing duties. Again feeling drained after a long day of constant movement, I checked my emails & again, there was a beautiful sentiment to lift my spirits…I suppose I wanted to share with my readers how just one simple act ,or kind thing you  impart to another can stretch a mile wide. The aftermath of your actions causing good vibrations and brightens what could have been just another humdrum day, or, two!  The message is to simply think of others & please people, be kind…

Happy Holidays To All Women Of Authenticity!


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