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If He ‘Ditches’ You Before The Holidays…

Women of authenticity, let us be blunt! When a man you’ve been intimate with for quite some time, suddenly decides to end the relationship jsut before the holidays & the festive tradition of gift giving; He’s a cad! A Jerk! A Scoundrel and an obvious embarrassment to his mother!  To be fair, let’s ask the question of women; “Did you not see this coming?” Women have a tendency to avoid looking in the mirror of reality. When the men in our lives doesn’t live up to the words of “love” coming from their mouths, then, there’s a problem. It’s no biggie for some of us when members of the opposite  sex confess how they’re smitten with us & without actually saying the words ” I care about you” or showing he’s sincere by his actions. We beome accepting /grateful for his being in the moment…for the moment.

We’ve all heard it; “Actions speak louder than words!”…It’s the one truth that women should gauge their relationships by. When a man cares, it shows. I’m personally of the “show me” state of mine. If a man professess to care so much about me, then where’s the evidence of that caring It’s not about his monies as I’m prone to doing things on my own dime, but it never hurts for a man to offer financial assist where it’s needed. A woman who can depend upon a man for encouragement & support without question, knows she has a keeper in her life.

There are men out there who live to prey upon the naivety of women. They might even wine & dine them in the beginning while serving up cheap thrills. But, ladies beware, if that man doesn’t and hasn’t Realllly stepped up to the plate when your stuff gets complicated, chances are he never will.  As the relationship ensues, over time his mind starts to work calculating the arrival of The Holidays and what that means for the woman in his life.  He dumps her & thereby solves that problem!

Women who are dumped by their men just before the spirit of Christmas and The New Year, shouldn’t wallow in the “whys” and “what-ifs” of the doomed relationship. They should just plan a big ole party with their friends, dress in sequins and gold (purchased with her money) and remember to throw out that extra toothbrush taking up space in their bathroom cabinets- “Out with the old & end it with  a  NEW ATTITUDE!”  Works every time 🙂


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