Women Motivation

Does Wisdom Truly Come With Age?

I’ve been called “wise” and although I gracefully accept the compliment, I oftentimes feel slightly embarrassed in doing so. I think it’s because to me, wisdom is viewed by living life experiences throughout the seasons of change when your mane turns whiter than the driven snow. I’ve lived to learn from some of the wisest folks in the universe and I’ve always stood, awed by their innate  awareness…. I love learning from the Elders…

Those who humbled by the essence that is life, who in turn leave their  footprints of life lessons captured in words that bring thought,reflection ,&  hope  for another’s personal betterment. Like the Visionary 3 Wise Men; Sages, Philosophers, Mistics, Spiritualists and Scriptures from the Holy Bible, serve to feed my soul and set my spirit free..

I live & continue to encourage, inspire and instill areas of self-awareness, self-love and self-esteem to other women who might not have reached this part of their journey into knowing their authenticity! But, to refer to me as being ‘wise’, although accepted with humility, doesn’t laud me into a sense of self-importance! I am still learning and so willing to share what I have learned with others… I’m content to know that my passion finds favor with others…I want to share with you info about other women who found their authenticity  by rediscovering their strengths: Visit www.reflectionsfromwomen.com for more information on a book for women by women (myself included) that you can share with others somewhere on this journey into finding your truth…


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