Becoming Better-Not Bitter After A Breakup

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Far too many women after a breakup tend to become angry, resentful ,revengeful and depressed.They start to blame themselves and wonder what they could have done to make the relationship work. Know this: It takes 2 to tango! If you’ve been in an on again-off again love affair with a man for years on end, then, you need to reassess your attraction for such self- inflicted abuse. Women I’ve listened to/spoken with over the years seem to put themselves down in a relationship filled with constant struggle and discord They reflect how, maybe they’re not good, smart, pretty, or skinny enough, and that’s why he does what he does… One acquaintance put it this way” I’ve known him since I was sixteen. He was my first love.” EXCUSE ME!?!

Almost 40 and you’re saying this because? Women have got to start taking responsibility for their own happiness! If a man walks all over you in the name of love, does that mean that’s all you’re worth? When a man wants out of the relationship for whatever reason, women, you need to stop with the blame game.Sure, breakups are painful. But there are choices we can make. He made a choice, now why can’t you?

Do we become long-suffering shells of our former selves, or, do we allow ourselves to “feel” the pain for a while and let it go? It’s a choice women have to make. When women began the journey to rediscovery, love will find them again. What  makes you happy?  Take the time needed to find your answers . Join  a  community group of like minded women and focus upon your passions. What are you dreams? We all have them. Live your life by being true to yourself. Trust that when you’re in the throes of reawakening & finding your authentic self, men of character will come! 

Women who are nursing a broken heart from a once loving relationship or,non loving, shouldn’t waste another negative emotion on what was. Love yourself by becoming better; Not bitter…


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