Women Motivation

“I’ve Finally Become The Woman I’ve Always Wanted To Know”

Cover of "Life!"
Cover of Life!

This is my very own inspirational/personal quote that seems to get me through the day. Ladies, you have my permission to use it as a motivational tool to get you on that part of your journey where you need to be as well. I’m living a wholesome & authentic life choice right now and I’m grateful to be here in this space of my season. Many women have come up to me seeking my confidence over the years and I’m at times baffled because I’m struggling  on the same level as they are, in essence to keep myself grounded, my feet planted and my life balanced on a seemingly wobbly playing field.

But, such is life! We’re not meant to control the changing of the seasons and what those changes might bring into the flow of our living life experiences. I’m navigating much like you are, on a wing and a prayer-OK, daily affirmations and heartfelt thank-you to a higher power and that power is awesome! My focus as I continue to learn to love and accept the ‘self’ that I’ve been given is to bring awareness to others who might not know just how worthy & valuable their self-worth is. It doesn’t matter what struggles you’re in. What your life  once was or how others perceive you to be. What matters is how you want your life to be and what work you’re doing to accomplish it!

Living a more authentic life doesn’t mean to send the message that you’re pompous, arrogant and egotistical…It simply means you’re the captain of your own ship, not swayed by the opinions of others, much to their dismay… Know this, you’re quite capable of making  decisions regarding your life!

I’ve finally become the woman I’ve always wanted to know! Women of authenticity, it’s not that complicated when you make the decision to stand for yourself:)


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