Women Motivation

When Good Things Happen…

We tend to want to shout it from the rooftops! Let the world know about our good fortune. That’s a good thing in and of itself. It’s natural to want to share in our newfound fortune of happiness. But, with life comes struggle. Like the song goes, “I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden.  Along With The Sunshine, There’s Gotta Be A Little Rain Sometime!”  Let’s say, “life Never Promised You A Rose Garden”.  So, how do we adapt to trouble, or better yet, how do we handle the letdowns? Many women tend to close themselves off from the problem. Keep secrets buried in boxes hidden atop shelves in their bedroom closets. In other words, We are too embarrassed to share our plight with other women, or, even concerned members of a loving family.

I’m writing this post today to let women know… It’s ok to share your hurts & disappointments with folks you can trust and who have your best interests at heart. Don’t feel you ‘re up to facing a difficult situation alone? Seek out counsel. Find that ‘someone’ who can offer sage advice or just listen…You’ll feel better, think clearer and have the strength to fight another day. 

Women of authenticity…Are you prepared to share your struggles?


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