Women Motivation

Finding Balance

I have a lot to do today. I’m posting to my blogs. Writing up guest posts to other folks blogs & preparing for a telephone interview with one of my fav interview subjects that I will also post today on my blog. Add to the mix, the laundry I still  need to get done (my nurse uniforms won’t wash themselves) and have to do something with my hair as tomorrow starts another ‘day’ in the workplace. It could be that I’m a bit frazzled from everything I need to accomplish today, but, I’m not. The thing with me is this: I’ve learned how to not sweat the small stuff by putting that stuff in perspective.  In other words, I PRIORTIZE.

I make a to-do list the night before. Go over what I most need to get done and leave the rest for later. For example. I’m committed to the scheduled interview, however, I’m not obligated to post it to my blog today. I need uniforms for work, but, I have extra to get me into the week…could always wash the evening after work and better still, I’ve sorted the wash and have only to get them going in the washer, duh:) Ok, there’s no getting round the locs, a sistah gotta look her best…a must do on my list…

 I start projects early…This morning I’ve already written a  lengthy poem & submitted it for competition. Went over my interview notes. Had a great cup of java (still am) as I’m posting to wisewoman2. I’ve visited a few blogs. Checked out sites for guest posting and reclined on the couch to take in a bit of Robin Roberts on Good Morning America…It’s five to 8am. My point is, we’re busy women. We have stuff to do in what seems to be a limited time to do it. But, we can get it done, simply by adding balance with the chaos. We can learn to work smarter as opposed to working harder . I know that women with children at home still might have a challenging time of it,again, priortize! After all, we’re women and we’re authentic!


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