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Women Celebrating Women…

This month is National Women’s History Month. I am reflecting/ humbled by the many women trailblazers over the centuries who contributed to embracing “The Woman.”   Women of today should be ever mindful of how far we’ve come along the beaten path to having our voices heard in what was  once deemed “a man’s world.” In  1851, a tall woman of slavery, a former slave, stood from her place in the crowd of mostly white men to address a Women’s Rights Convention amid whispers of “don’t let her speak!” , sneers and outrage. The convention was headed by a woman who reportedly responded “we will see”, asked for quiet and allowed this woman  of color to speak. She spoke… a voice quiet, but powerful, striking agut wrenching blow to the captured audience as she spoke of women & their rights. This tall slave woman of  little or no consquence speaking of women’s rights?  Sojourner Truth’s moving speech  “Ain’t I A Woman ?” left the audience speechless, remorseful and needing atonement…She raised the bar for all women , regardless of color, to speak.

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white person after working hard all day. Ordered to sit in the back of the bus,( a rule colored people were to adhere to in  the 1950s) Ms. Parks had refused & promptly arrested and thrown in jail, sparking the attention of the great civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr…Women trailblazers, too numerous to post here…Gloria Steninem, an American feminist who fought for women’s liberation movement in the 60s & 70s, penning an essay in Time Magazine called What Would It Be Like If Women Win?  an important presence at the Democratic National Convention, she was instrumental in spurring debates  in the Senate on the Equal Rights Amendment…

Women of today…Authentic women, give yourself permission to celebrate life as we know it, have known it and,God willing, will continue to know it.  Let’s thank those women in history’s past & present who paved the way for us … The future looks promising, does it not?


2 thoughts on “Women Celebrating Women…”

  1. To be seen and heard and celebrated for our authentic voice today and in the future makes our communities, our country, our world more full of everything that is possible. The women of the past, the famous ones mentioned here, as well as our own grandmothers, aunts, and moms have delivered us into the present and now we can lead ourselves together forward into our lives knowing we are powerful beyond belief.


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