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Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Thomas Shahan (and a Salticid) on NBC's The To...
Image by Thomas Shahan via Flickr

I’m posing this question after watching a segment of The Today Show. I suppose in the  family dynamic-children, the divorced woman would consider keeping the relationship amicable…But, for a woman to say I’m in essence feeling more love after the divorce? It makes me question, “What’s that about?” Apparently, the divorced woman and author of  Life After Divorce have the answers that worked for her in claiming a “good divorce.” I’m also for amicable partings. It makes the demise of the marriage more CIVILIZED for the divorcing adults ,but, more importantly, it provides for the well being of children who are faced with having  a one parent household in the face of family breakups…

The author stated how she was feeling so much love from her ex and his family in the aftermath of divorce. I’d question why now that all of this love is pouring forth? Where was the love between families before? I’m not advocating women of divorce not maintain an amicable relationship with their ex.(especially when children are involved)) I’m telling women to move on as individuals…your  life doesn’t revolve around how you’re perceived by the  ex in what has become your life to live. My thoughts? “poof, be gone!”

I’m not willing to allow you the key that unlocks the door to my new world…I’m just ” self” first like that!


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