I’m a big fan of the Rev. T.D. Jakes, due in part to his understanding about women and their troubles, but also because of his uncanny need for gentle admonishments. You see, he has the insight of knowing that women can become envious, jealous and downright vindictive toward other women. Sometimes we need to get real quiet within ourselves when faced with competition from another woman in regards to how we perceive them. We might compare their success, friendships, popularity or man magnet to what we deem as a void in our own lives. We become obsessed with “keeping up with the Joneses, or perhaps jane”

I love the fact that we’re individuals, ALL. If God wanted us to look, act, be cloned , then, lo and behold, it would be done…The reality?  We’re not the same. Our differences are what makes us unique women. As a truth seeker, I believe in the beauty of sisterhood. I’m not always an agreeable person, but, I’m a person of character. I’m not selfish, but yes, I can be “self” ish. It’s ok to follow your own path in life and not live to follow the path others might have wanted you to, in order to make their lives meaningful.   

If you are a woman on the journey to self-discovery and authenicity, you will put aside all those old wounds steeped in jealousy & envy. You will crave the path leading  to your own truth… Know that you are enough and  heal thyself…