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The Strength Of A Woman…

While at work on Thrusday, one of my elderly patient’s came up to me & began to gently massage my back. She looked at me , asking in a soft whisper “Guess who’s back?” I naturally inquired, “who?” She responded with a merry smirk, “Yours!” which reminded me that April 1st was among other things, April Fools’ Day! Needless to say, I’d been outwitted by a smarty-pants and clever lil ole lady which caused a shared moment of good-natured laughter.

I’ve since thought about women and our backs, which became the basis for this post. Women have strong backs. Think about it. We’ve lain with the loves of our lives while on our backs. Bore children on our backs and carried woman-folk troubles upon our backs. The old spirituals attest to the fact that someday, we’re going to lay our burdens down…these troubles that we bear upon our backs. 

I’m thankful that women are survivals. In times of pain, passion & hardships,we somehow draw strength from places deep within ourselves to make due with what we’ve got. This economic decline has hit women hard and like men( who society credits with being the breadwinner) we  seek out ways to provide for our families wellbeing..  Women carry troubles upon our backs and find solutions within our bosoms…


4 thoughts on “The Strength Of A Woman…”

    1. John- it’s so wonderful to hear from you! I’d thought we’d lost touch as my emails got deleted. Thanks for your kindness as usual and for visiting ole friend:)



    1. Roxane,
      Welcome & thank you for taking time to visit and your comment. I hope if you like my work, you’ll spread the word & about wisewoman2 don’t be a stranger.



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