No, I’m not being vain. I’m being true to myself. How dare I think of myself as beautiful? How dare I buck the way society looks at the definition of beauty? I dare because I’m me. You know as women we’re our own worst critics. Always comparing ourselves to the stardard views of what “beauty” is. As we look outwardly to what folks see & judge us by, we oftentimes forget where beauty originates-within US!

Recently, I found myself racing against time as I needed to obtain a picture for promotional purposes. Because I’m living on a budget, just like many of you, I called my daughter & her trusted camera to do the job for free. The experience became one for the history books as I was led to pose this way and that. Fingers from cheekbones to chin and ” lose the glasses, why don’t you?”  Anyway, after taking shots with my hair up & hair down. mother & daughter both getting frustrated… She for the time consumption and me for all of those hideous shots! We were both feeling the pressure to just chose one dang gone it!

“Ok, just take it now!” the shot without rhyme or reason came out nearly perfect. I didn’t lose the glasses. I didn’t pose by direction and I decided to let go of how I’m supposed to look in the eyes of others. The point I’m trying to instill in women is this: If you get all worked up about what beauty means in the eyes of others, you’ll lose the natural beauty that is and has always been about you.

We all know the adage “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  I’d wager to say that I’m beautiful regardless of what others think. And that photo? Not by any means a perfect example of how society might see me. It’s simply an image of me-yours truly…  Hmm, maybe, if I got rid of the gray…naw, it is what it is.

This post invites input. How have you defined your beauty on your journey to self-discovery?