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I wanted to SPEAK on both topics as they apply to women trying to live their dreams and perhaps find themselves becoming defeated in the face of rejection. I think if we look at rejection in another light, then we’ll see the lessons that can be learned from ” not making the cut this time around.” Rejection sometimes causes pain, crappy feelings of being plain ole misunderstood, or, misrepresented. I know as a writer & a woman I can relate to one, or, the other. Whether it’s a personal or professional rejection that’s gotten us down. We must note that we’re not out. If we view rejection as a slight roadblock to our vision & dreams, then, we’ll be more prone to pick ourselves/pride off the ground and come back swinging in such a way that becomes a testament to our development & growth.

We’ve all been there-rejected. Many of us give in/lie down and drown ourselves in hopes of what might have been. That’s not fighting the good fight! let’s when faced with rejection, throw a  pity party of one if we must, but, allow ourselves to grow up, get up, dust off our sorrow, feelings of inadequacy and “keep-a-going!”   Let’s refuse to be intimidated by rejection…

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