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Shaping The Minds Of Our Daughters…

“Keeping My Daughter Young Before She Gets Too Old” is the title of a poem I wrote for my daughter as she was about to become a teenager. Even at 13, I could  sense the changes that were occurring-my child was growing up & I was frantic! How could I keep her a child for just a bit longer?

Now-a-days, it’s her child that mother & grandma(that would be me) must contend with. How to keep their innocence for just a while longer? becomes the question of every mother raising daughters. I think mothers have to be ever present in the lives of their girls. Teach them the ways of a great big world and trust that they will listen to, if not all of your wisdoms from living life experiences, then some…  Trust that they will remember your love/trust/ in those times of their having to make “choices.”

As Mothers Day approaches & memories surfaces of a brave little girl who once wrote an “A” real big to her mother’s amazement, this post becomes a tad sentimental in hopes that all mothers with little girls teach them well as they find their way to becoming authentic women…


6 thoughts on “Shaping The Minds Of Our Daughters…”

    1. Thanks for visiting Roxane-it’s truly an awesome & scary thing to watch your daughter/s mature:) and it’s so important still to create memorable moments for moms/daughters to look back and smile upon, or, frown:)


  1. Hi, Roxane pointed me in your direction. I have four sons, no daughters, but I teach many girls piano, dramas, etc. I read a great book called, The Curse of the Good Girl. It’s for anyone who works with girls, or who was one, who want them to find their voice, be strong, confident, authentic women. I plan to review it sometime soon on my blog.


  2. Hi Mary. thanks for stopping by! I was so lucky that Roxane & I connected via The Urban Muse-her site is great btw:)

    I’m presently on a teleconference/seminar but, took a brief stroll onto your beautiful site as well, great stuff…I will be visiting soon. Thanks for the book mention;sounds like a good read, will put on my to-do list of things to do! Your work teaching/shaping young girls minds, sounds awesome!

    Keep shining,



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