“Keeping My Daughter Young Before She Gets Too Old” is the title of a poem I wrote for my daughter as she was about to become a teenager. Even at 13, I could  sense the changes that were occurring-my child was growing up & I was frantic! How could I keep her a child for just a bit longer?

Now-a-days, it’s her child that mother & grandma(that would be me) must contend with. How to keep their innocence for just a while longer? becomes the question of every mother raising daughters. I think mothers have to be ever present in the lives of their girls. Teach them the ways of a great big world and trust that they will listen to, if not all of your wisdoms from living life experiences, then some…  Trust that they will remember your love/trust/ in those times of their having to make “choices.”

As Mothers Day approaches & memories surfaces of a brave little girl who once wrote an “A” real big to her mother’s amazement, this post becomes a tad sentimental in hopes that all mothers with little girls teach them well as they find their way to becoming authentic women…