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Image by Flora。T via Flickr

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain!” Someone sent me this bit of morning sunshine and I’m feeling so good about the message it conveys, I not only forwarded it on, as she has done, but, decided to write about it as well:) Attitude is everything and a bag of Doritoes, people! It’s a choice that one makes living life experiences. Not all of our decisions are going to be the right ones. We are human beings. We are going to screw up from time to time. The question becomes, “How are we going to handle those inevitable & fallible occurrances ?

We can start by maintaining a positive attitude and know that “this too shall pass.” When stuff happens in the moment it happens, it’s fair to say that not many people are looking toward the bigger picture of  “not sweating the small stuff”  The oftentimes enormous impact of a situation might make it seem impossible to sing a happy tune. However,it is possible to think yourself to finding a solution. When crap happens to us, or, to those we care about (the human condition) let’s not beat ourselves up . Let’s not give up when there’s no going back. When there’s others in need, offer your services. When you’re in the midst of struggle, seek assistance. Humanity forms an outreach of compassion when things in our lives fall apart. Women of authenticity think on it and make “Attitude” work for you on this journey toward rediscovery. 

I’m happy to share this inspiring message on attitude today. Hope it make your days…


2 thoughts on “ATTITUDE…”

  1. Clara, I love this line: “Humanity forms an outreach of compassion when things in our lives fall apart.” A beautiful visual of a web of love. Thanks as always for your wise words and for sharing them with us.


  2. Hi Roxane- thanks for your positive feedback. The comment is an original- I usually just speak in terms of how I’m “feeling” it. Just finished writing a shout out to Roxane & Mary on my blog at Clara54-http://clara54.wordpress.com. Feel free to vist anytime.



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