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Good Vibrations…

In 2006 I began to write Women In Transition for a free ezine because I wanted to spread my passion & compassion for women in midlife. It was for me a pay it forward innate need to encourage, impassion and inspire other women in transition to live their 2nd, 3rd and golden years as purposeful, productive , happy and whole people in a society that seemingly “forget” that we even exist… once we’re past a certain age. And, believe it or not, there are woman who tend to want to forget about themselves, as well! My mission then, as now, is one of encouragement and truth. Living a life filled with purpose and possibility, doesn’t have to end after turning 50…  It’s 2010 and Women in transition have evolved in that we’re women seeking authenticity !

The message here is clear. The focus remains. My outreach is evolving while my purpose & passion remains unwavering in an effort to encourage every woman on her  journey to finding self awareness & rediscovery of her “truth.” In speaking & writing for women, it has come to my attention that men are on board with the message I’m trying to get across and that only fuels my intent…

 Recently, I was contacted by a dear & trusted man of “Spirit” who has been a friend via the blogosphere for well over two years. It was his spirit filled poetry that drew me to his work. John Rigo has kindly asked if he could guest post some of his awesome poetry at WiseWoman2!  I am excited that he has offered to share his work here with us… Many people have benefited and become uplifted & encouraged in the spirit as I have been over the years by John’s work…I cannot wait for you to read him here.

As I said to John; ” This feels right!”…


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