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A Happy Mother’s Day Special…

I’m taking the time out to wish you all a happy Mother’s Day and hope that you have everything good happen for you on this, and every “day” for mothers…I’m also going to take a moment to say “thank you” to John Rigo for his wonderful spirit -filled poetry! I’m a fan of his work and his mission to help the homeless. Sunday is Mother’s Day & we’re going to be busy -ALL! I want to invite you to take advantage of a special treat here @ womanwise2. Please take a moment to read some of my most viewed women based articles I’ve posted for your enjoyment as you celebrate on your special day… 

Appreciating Our Daughters-http://.bit.ly/arfLTD

Letting Go Of Women Drama-http://.bit.ly/aYEgHT

Wonders Of Midlife Transitions-http://www.blogher.com//wonders-midlife-transitions

Year Of The Woman-http://www.blogher.com/year-woman

Catty Women In The Workplace-http://www.blogher.com//catty-women-workplace.

Women of Authenticity…Shine On!


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