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Don’t Go Getting The Big Head!

Praise You
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This is the message I took away from a  Mother’s Day Sermon. It’s on point for this post because of all of the great & good things that have been happening in my life and for certain in the lives of others. When good stuff happens & it will. When you’re the receiver of great news, accolades, praise and compliments—do you get the big head? Thankfully, I was raised in a way that I haven’t let ‘stuff’ go to my head. When I’ve done something, received something, or helped someone along the way in some form,or another and someone else happens to “toot my horn” so to speak, I make it a point to accept graciously that person kind gesture, feel the good vibrations of having done a good job and give it all up to God! It’s important to remain humble people & not get the big head by letting growth, prosperiety, fame, achievements & compliments go to your head!

You see, we’re only the vessels through which the good lord works. I don’t know your spiritual or religious background/beliefs/ and I’m certainly no judge and jury when it comes to how anyone choose to live and worship…I can speak on humility and my belief of a higher power responsible for reaping the benefits of what in most instances are garnered from hard work, tenacity ,and perseverance…brought about through the working of, as my mom would say, “the man upstairs”…

When you’ve accomplished great things. When folks began to recognize your great works & compliment you to the highest, look up  to the heavens and thank the lord for it all…Don’t think you are some great person walking the face of the earth, because, you’re not!  By remaining humble, sowing seeds and giving praise where praise is due, your good name will precede you and you’ll live a blessed life.


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