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Happiness IS…

I think…no, I believe that happiness is a state of mind. Having said that, I do take into account certain diagnosed conditions of the human psyche that can respond to medically prescribed forms of treatment. I’m referencing the state where we allow life events/intrusions & other folks misery to influence our own outlook and viewpoints…trample upon our emotions…

When we allow negative & outside influences to affect us, we’re basically giving up our power to others in order to make them feel better about themselves…The adage “misery loves company” contains more than an ounce of truth..

Sometimes people have hidden agendas. If you’re kind, they will, in essence, use that kindness for weakness, which can cause one to feel a swift pang. If that occurs in your life, by all means open yourself to that period of hurt feelings like you’ve been used, but, don’t allow some other person’s deception cause you to lose your joy…your happiness,your willingness to pay-it-forward.

I’m happy being “me’. I’m happy to just “”be”.  I’m happy! Women of authenticity, are you happy? It’s your choice. If you allow someone’s misery to intrude upon your world of knowing peace,serenity, and wholeness, you gotta take back your power AND repeat this mantra…

“Your opinion of me, is none of my business!” Guy Finley…


2 thoughts on “Happiness IS…”

  1. I agree with this, and do my best to live by it. Sometimes, the people who threaten us in this way are too close for comfort, which makes it very hard. But I believe it’s worth the effort to keep drawing those boundaries. Thanks for all you do to empower women and others. We’re all entitled to a life in abundance, and that doesn’t necessarily mean material wealth, right?


    1. Roxane- You’re very insightful! Someimes I feel like folks just don’t ‘get it’. My success & happiness doesn’t come from monetary value, but, from a spiritual place of wholeness- and paying it forward,sowing seeds, etc and not everyone will be receptive to this simple reasonings & for which people could easily debate lack of (success) due to present economic situation, but, all true.
      I’d like to hope people get my reason for this blog & when they do, that’s cause for feelings of success and happiness, thanks for that:)


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