The mind is a terrible thing to waste!” so, what do you do to keep your mind agile & functioning well? This post is for you,women of authenticity. I’d like to have your take on keeping a beautiful mind,well, beautiful:) When I return from my day job( as bills must be paid) I’ll let you in on how I keep sane in an oftentimes insane world by exercising my mind! Meanwhile, this is your time to shine & enlighten readers with your wisdoms by sharing  your insights on how you “keep” your mind… PS

So, this morning before heading out to work, I asked folks to weigh in on how they keep their mind from certain atrophy as we know the mind is a terrible thing to waste & all. Thanks for your response so far, the doors are still open ,so I’ll contribute my bit in hopes you’ll take a moment to share as well…

Reading is a habit I’ve cultivated since the age of 6. During my teens, when most girls sought their next sweetheart, it was the library that took my breath away…shelves upon shelves of mystery, intrigue and imagery captured my heart and swept me away to far-away worlds.

Music , preferably blues, gospel, soft rock & country soothes me. My mind reacts to  rhythms, range, pitch, lyrics and sounds…Sometimes I dance to the rhythm of the beat 🙂

Old Movie Classics- people 50 & over can relate to the ole black & whites: the era of Betty Davis, Lena Horne and Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart..Today’s television programs would be Supernatural, Lifetime and Fearnet.

The main thing I do to exercise my mind is make time for quiet time/me time early in the mornings when I’m alone with my thoughts, or, early morning walks to work , experiencing the ambiance of  Mother Nature…