Women Motivation

On Marriage…

A friend & co-worker confided in how this particular day was her 41th anniversary! I was so thrilled to know that longevity in marriages were something couples in midlife continued to celebratel! I’m not soured by marriage when the mate is a ” keeper” as was evident by the glow upon this woman’s face.

I’m actually hopeful when I hear stories of a marriage sustaining the intrusions that living life experiences oftentimes bring. Sometimes folks unite in Holy Matrimony only to find themselves wondering “why?”… some couples marry based upon sexual attraction & many marriages are united under a wall of tolerance & indifference…BUT,

There’s hope for a  couple’s sustainability as so many of us marry because we’ve simply chosen well…

As we talked about her plans with her husband; the grown children plans for them, I thought how fine I was with this conversation. As a woman of divorce, I found myself applauding this thing between couples whose love, devotion, friendship, appreciation and like for each other had kept the home fires burning; the marriage alive and loving.


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