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A New Look On The Journey to Becoming “Us”

Hello World! and a good happy & blessed morning to all of you out there who have awaken this morning with a purpose, passion and like Ms. Patti (Labelle) SINGS “I got a new attitude!” As you can see, our theme has changed to reflect the changing of the season…No more stormy weather (ok, rain & stuff) but, no more snow /sleet/ice and misery from the winter weather blahs! Now is the time to enjoy living your life with outings/ vacations/ love hookups and  the exploration of “you”; the woman you’ve always wanted to know:)

It’s been a very busy last two weeks in my world. Some good days and some, not so much. But, you know, I’m ok with that. I’m living life and conquering my fears, demons and whatever other stuff I’ve held hostage inside my head; atop my closets and away from prying eyes! If you have any baggage in your own lives (and whom of us can cast the first stone?) what better time to confront your demons and banish those irritating little annoyances out of your beautiful life , like right now? I’m writing this on a day I should be feeling overwhelmed, with a writing deadline due in one week (magazine feature) & for which I’ve already committed to paper (contract) and have yet to gather research but, no worries 🙂 I am, as Helen Reddy SINGS “Woman, hear me roar!”!

The truth is, my printer is out & waiting for replacement today before I can start on the project if you’re curious about my dilemma, you’re welcome to visit my truth at my working blog  http:// clara54. wordpress.com … however, my day here with you guys is going great and fuels my passion to do great things…Why not make your day great as well! Oh yes, let me know how you like the theme change!


4 thoughts on “A New Look On The Journey to Becoming “Us””

  1. Clara, your message is so timely. I just wrote up a blog post on throwing off the old irritating items, and trying something new. I titled it “I left my Bra in Omaha.” I accompanied a friend there who needed intensive therapy. I found some healing of my own in the actions and quiet time. I have those down days, too. Need to purge old feelings and self-doubts. I love your song references today, too. Play on!


  2. Greetings Clara, isn’t a fresh new look nice? I changed my header this weekend and just love looking at the beauty of sunlight through trees whenever I check in on my blog world. So I can appreciate your excitement over the makeover. Nicely done! You always have such great, affirming thoughts. I like how honest and uplifting you are. Thanks.


  3. Hi Roxane- Thanks for visiting today. Of course, a new look was sorely needed & does look/feel right:) Took a stroll over to view the trees @your garden; stayed to read your adoring/heartfelt letter to your daughter,Beth…

    What a beautiful birthday gift from mother to daughter!
    You shine!
    oh, the theme? PERFECT…


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