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“Success Is A Process”

Can’t tell you how calm I became after reading those four little words that made such great impact! If you, like me, sometimes feel unproductive & beg to ask the question “Why do I do this again?” then remember that your success will be different than another person’s idea of success. Because no one is an instant success, heck, even Oprah had to “pay some dues” before she became the big “O”!  AND

I’d like to think Warren Buffet did as well:)  Be mindful while going around hurting your self-esteem, “Rome wasn”t built in a day” and “Tomorrow is another day.”

The point here is simple. Don’t go beating yourself up because you haven’t landed that great gig you’ve been gunning for ,or, written that wonderful play or historical/romantic/ masterpiece. I’m hard on myself sometimes too, being placed,oftentimes in a position of having to defend my level of success to other folks whose perception of “success” differs.

In many instances, the naysayer can cause others to doubt their capacity for doing great things. The thing is, If we’re doing what we love to do, not hurting anyone, or degrading ourselves,we shouldn’t have to defend who we are in work, play, or, life.

I’m not of the comparison era. I’m good where I am and as I strive to meet the challenge set forth in obtaining my goals, I’m still confident of obtaining “my” success. I’m sort of liken to the road less traveled and always have avoided the “keeping up with the joneses” analogy…just works for me.

Aside: When I awaken most mornings (best post time) i hardly know what I’m going to speak on as it just comes…feel free to offer suggestions on women issues here or send  by email…

Chin up!


4 thoughts on ““Success Is A Process””

  1. Clara, nice thoughts as always. I don’t have any suggestions for topics. I think the ones you come up with are exactly what we need to hear, because they come from your heart and it’s obvious.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Roxane and your positive comments! I suppose the topics will continue to come as long as I’m receptive to them:) Your new blog has awesome content & great photos!

      Shine On!



  2. Ah, “Chin up!” Some days that is something that I really need to hear. It is quite the perspective grabber. I love the topic – Success is a Process. It truly is, isn’t it? I always confess that I am a work in progress; I think I will add Success is a Process to that statement. 🙂 Thanks for inspiring!


  3. Karen, you’re so welcome! I could identify as soon as I read those words…made me feel good to note that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now:)

    Thanks for visiting…



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