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“Don’t Wake Me When I’m Sleeping – I Don’t Wanna Face The World!”

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I wrote this title months ago to what was going to become a post on my transitional clara54 blog in my rant against the dynamics of nurse overload & burnout. I never got around to telling the world how I felt at the time because of time restraints and other distractions, however,I think today is a perfect time to talk about making the most of the time we have-as in time management sometimes means shutting out the world and getting some self nurturing TLC.

I’m always making an effort to manage/follow my to-do list because it makes for a smooth transition that has led to a productive personal and professional outcome. Lately, that smoothness became rocky with unforseen occurrences like influx of family visits, overnight stays, out of towners stopping by, Holiday get togethers, vacation plannings , creative deadlines & ‘day’ job demands which spelled  EXHAUSTION in my world!

I’m not afraid to admit it, I’m only human!  so  “Don’t You Dare Wake Me When I’m Sleeping ! Authentic women, can you relate!?!


8 thoughts on ““Don’t Wake Me When I’m Sleeping – I Don’t Wanna Face The World!””

  1. Clara, as a mother of five, I have found that the summertime transition can be horrendous. However, this year my in-laws graciously took three of our children, the youngest three, for an extended stay in their lake town, leaving us and our two oldest (teens) to start off summer vacation together. What a blessing this has been. I miss our little ones and their hugs and needs, but I can’t say I am regretting this time of peace. Being able to think through a complete thought is an amazing thing. And it will end all too quickly. I will be glad when it does, for I’ll have been filled up again and ready for the challenge. 🙂


    1. Hi Roxanne- you know I was thinking about mothers when I was posting 🙂 It’s hard to be in the moment of being an excellent mom ( as we must when take on role of motherhood) to your kids 24/7 and sometimes a bit of ‘my time’ away from their just being themselves is sorely needed, in essence to refuel your tank with all the love you have to give them when they return home…in the meantime, enjoy!



  2. Hi Clara,
    Persistence is key. I was reading through your previous blog and it was very inspiring. Not giving up is so critical and yet so hard to live by sometimes. Sometimes I wish that people were open about how challenging life can become, so that we know we are not alone. Love your blog Clara.


    1. Hi Preethi…so very glad to see you here! Yes, being human, we all share those days/times of just wanting to go into hibernation. We just have to pick ourselves up and keep going:) thanks for positive blog comments…ditto for your giftedhandswriting as well.



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