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I wrote this title months ago to what was going to become a post on my transitional clara54 blog in my rant against the dynamics of nurse overload & burnout. I never got around to telling the world how I felt at the time because of time restraints and other distractions, however,I think today is a perfect time to talk about making the most of the time we have-as in time management sometimes means shutting out the world and getting some self nurturing TLC.

I’m always making an effort to manage/follow my to-do list because it makes for a smooth transition that has led to a productive personal and professional outcome. Lately, that smoothness became rocky with unforseen occurrences like influx of family visits, overnight stays, out of towners stopping by, Holiday get togethers, vacation plannings , creative deadlines & ‘day’ job demands which spelled  EXHAUSTION in my world!

I’m not afraid to admit it, I’m only human!  so  “Don’t You Dare Wake Me When I’m Sleeping ! Authentic women, can you relate!?!