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Important Message of Hope

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Before penning this morning’s post, I was thinking how I’d like to inspire women with only positive messages of living life experiences on their journey to discovering their “truth”. Life never promised us a rose garden…remember that great Lynne Anderson song? maybe not :)This song seems appropriate for what I’m writing today.

A friend recently disclosed why she keeps notes in order to help her “stay focused”. She is concerned about the genetics of Alzehemier’s – the debilitating neurological disease that’s becoming an alarming destroyer…stealing the very essence of our human capacity for living life. Alzehemier’s is an insidious disease that takes us away from our thoughts/motor and cognitive ability to live life independent & whole.

The journey to authenticity includes coming to terms and dealing with the aging process. It’s a truism that doesn’t respond to our tears of frustration and fears of the unknown. I’ve heard psychologists speak on how we view aging & mortality. It’s when we tend to think about the approaching end of life more. It’s when we want to be more, do more and leave with our legacy intact for our children & the generations to come.

My friend is currently caring for her mother with Alzehemiers while working long hour shifts. She is thinking upon retiring soon to be there with her ailing mom 24/7. As nurses,we talk constantly about disease; acute & chronic.We talk about prevention and treatment…encourage patients & their families to better health and wellbeing and we’re there for each other when personal situations arise…

The one thing that we share & always impart in our profession? HOPE!  Always, no matter what medical crisis you find yourselves facing in life, always, always, have faith & hope for brighter days; believe on that… 

Life is a journey, sometimes it’s going to cause us pain and test our strengths…


2 thoughts on “Important Message of Hope”

  1. So well said, Clara. I also want to spread the message of hope. When we acknowledge the realities of life, then go on to show how it made us stronger and built relationships, that’s when we connect and become authentic women. Thanks for your message of hope today, and for your encouragement for me on my journey,


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