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When Women Are Hurting…

When women experience pain, who can they trust enough to share their deepest feelings of hurt, confusion and questions of uncertainty? Those of us who can find a caring spouse, a family member/friend or,significant other is truly fortunate to have someone there they can rely on and who “have their back”…  

I’ve found in most cases in talks with women experiencing pain, oftentimes, they seek out their peers/women who have been down the road to experience that heartbreak or loss. It’s akin to having a kindred spirit to confide in.

 How many of us are relunctant to actually talk to our spouses about our pain in hopes they’d actually ‘get it?’ Not to down play the significant role men play in the circle of showing compassion, it’s just sometimes when women hurt, it’s a woman thing. 

I have a friend who is hurting. She is in pain. It’s a given that she has a supportive husband, but, she’s asking questions out of frustration, fear and sadness. When a woman speaks to another woman about her pain, her truth sometimes becomes “theirs”. Women who have experienced pain and survived the journey to recovery often feels the pain of another and can share constructive healing points because they’ve been there and can empathize.

Hoping you’re there when called upon to listen, share, encourage, sympathize and show empathy when a woman/women in your circle are hurting…

P.S. Off to Florida for a bit of family reconnection and R&R. Have a great and purpose filled week!


10 thoughts on “When Women Are Hurting…”

  1. Clara, even though God made man and woman for one another, I also feel that God made woman to be a special friend to her sister. We are not men. We are made differently. Our brains are wired differently, our bodies, biologically, intrinsically different. We complement one another. But we cannot always be there for one another in the way our same gender can be. I think this, too, is all part of the plan. “Women empower other women,” a wise friend once told me when I was about 24. I’ve never forgotten it, all these years later. Of course, women also have the capacity to hurt one another, and this is sad indeed. So I’m with you on being the soul sister to those in my life. Have a wonderful reprieve!


  2. Thanks Roxane for such wise and intuitive thoughts. You’re so right. God in his wisdom made man for woman but, I think it’s also safe to say that when he made women, he knew exactly how he wanted us to be: Compassionate, caring & sharing toward other women. Too bad so many of us will never see how special we are in regards to the bond of “sisterhood”…

    Have a great week!



  3. Clara, I’m so glad to discover your blog. Mine is primarily about mystery writing, but I also post a lot about women’s issues. Like you, the protagonist of my medical thriller ELDERCIDE is a nurse – the book explores issues we all face as we age. It’s inspired by my experience running a home health care agency for 8 years.

    What you say about the importance of women’s sharing is so true. I’m blessed in having a wonderfully understanding husband, but I often wish I had more close women friends in my life.

    Julie Lomoe’s Musings Mysterioso


    1. Hi Julie-so glad to see you here and welcome! Remember your “sisterhood”” during those growing up years where we happily shared with girlfriends? No distrust, jealousies? We built bonds of friendship due to similarities/ok, boys mainly:)
      Do come again & I’ll be visiting your site asap to learn more about ELDERCIDE!



  4. Hi Mary-I totally agree that women who are true in intent, will find a way to offer support to women who are hurting and need to share. I actually got in from Orlando this morning. Had a lovely time, indeed! Nice to see you here, as always:)


  5. I have been married for 28 years and for most of that time relied only on my husband for support, solace and comfort. And then I found a friend ~ a girl friend ~ and since that time I feel more complete, more understood, more able to grow beyond the confines of my own perspective. You are so right. We need our female friends.


  6. Hi Dorothy- Thanks for stopping by. I love your site for the 50 something woman & will visit often. I’m lucky to have a few close friends I can lay my troubles @ their feet because I’m knowing “they get it”…Men will offer us a shoulder & try to relate when we’re hurting, but, another woman will offer empathy & truth in comparison.

    I recently reconnected with a best friend from kindergarden after 30 something years! those bonds are priceless:)


  7. I think if a women has one girlfriend, she is blessed. I recently experienced an issue and confided in a male friend. Although I know he loves me, a girlfriend would have been a better choice.


    1. Hi Marcie-you’re so right. One true ‘sistah’ friend in your corner, is worth a whole lot of “circle” of friends and I’ve been blessed to have such a friend in my life.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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