When women experience pain, who can they trust enough to share their deepest feelings of hurt, confusion and questions of uncertainty? Those of us who can find a caring spouse, a family member/friend or,significant other is truly fortunate to have someone there they can rely on and who “have their back”…  

I’ve found in most cases in talks with women experiencing pain, oftentimes, they seek out their peers/women who have been down the road to experience that heartbreak or loss. It’s akin to having a kindred spirit to confide in.

 How many of us are relunctant to actually talk to our spouses about our pain in hopes they’d actually ‘get it?’ Not to down play the significant role men play in the circle of showing compassion, it’s just sometimes when women hurt, it’s a woman thing. 

I have a friend who is hurting. She is in pain. It’s a given that she has a supportive husband, but, she’s asking questions out of frustration, fear and sadness. When a woman speaks to another woman about her pain, her truth sometimes becomes “theirs”. Women who have experienced pain and survived the journey to recovery often feels the pain of another and can share constructive healing points because they’ve been there and can empathize.

Hoping you’re there when called upon to listen, share, encourage, sympathize and show empathy when a woman/women in your circle are hurting…

P.S. Off to Florida for a bit of family reconnection and R&R. Have a great and purpose filled week!