Women Motivation

More Convinced Than Ever…

Hi all! I’m back from my nearly perfect vacation/family reunion with an even stronger resolve to continue the work I’m doing toward helping women find their truth on a journey leading to self- awareness, rediscovery& personal development.

 Women, we are the cat’s meow and many of us don’t even know that (and I’m not just talking about our feminine wiles here, either) Nooo, I’m talking about the power that women have when it comes to resilience and endurance.

We might be perceived as the weaker sex & oftentimes, we are in “let me count the ways” but, we’re stronger than we’re led to believe. Our strengths are not so much physical as it is mental. We can think our way to survival in whatever mode of living life experiences we find ourselves.

 The men in our group (all astute businessmen) held a round table discussion on what else? Business.Feeling not the least bit intimidated,or, intrusive, I joined the animated conversation & not only did I pick up valuable strategy building business tips, but added some tidbits for consideration & debate as well.

Women can hold their own in what’s seemingly a “man’s” world, but  in all fairness, as referenced by the singer, James Brown”It wouldn’t be nothin’ without a woman or a girl” is on point. I return from vacation, refreshed in renewed spirit, passion and purpose to remind women of our “value” not just as a helpmate to our spouses & loved ones, but as viable, productive and whole contributors to society…Believe that:)


2 thoughts on “More Convinced Than Ever…”

    1. Hi Mary- thanks for visiting! I love being in the company of men discussing business as their brains are wired for achieving their goals with stragetic planning…

      It might be a man’s world,but woman power is fast on the horizon of accomplishing great things:)


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