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“Don’t be a stick in the mud!”If you’re not a woman in transition or a Southern woman,you might not be familiar with this term. It simply means,”Get with the program”and stop being a “straggler.!”I used to hear this term all the time growing up because at some point other kids would taunt another kid when it came to participating in stuff that was either forbidden, or, daring.

Today,I’m not using the term to cause pain,or to get anyone in trouble.I’m simply saying that with the dawning of a new year, spring has sprung & summer fun advances, it’s time to get a late jump on your spring/summer wardrobe. If you’ve already cleaned your closets of drab clothing this spring, this post might not apply.If you’ve been a straggler like me, it’s about time to”get on the good foot”of getting your fashionista on.

The reason for this lighthearted post is due, in part, to a little mishap I had on the way to the airport recently when the beautiful blouse I’d purchased a couple of summers ago (& never worn) suddenly lost a button! Can you say embarrassing? Needless to say,I made a vow to get rid of stuff in my closet that I’d bought and never worn, no matter how cute. There is a reason we have hoarders guilt, ladies… If it’s sooo cute, so priceless, so one of a kind, why haven’t we used, or worn it ?

Sometimes we keep stuff with little thought to ever wearing it. I can attest to the “shoes” and I’m getting the feeling you can as well. If you haven’t done so, please pay those unwearables forward. Give to your local Salvation Army and other charitable organizations.

AND women of a certain age, don’t feel you cannot become the fashionista that you are. There’s help for all figures and all ages for women looking to step up their fashion attire and fashion themselves forward. One great source recommended to me was Harpers Bazaar’s Magazine that has a fashion page geared toward women in midlife.

Becoming an authentic woman sometimes means putting an end to being a “stick in the mud!”


4 thoughts on “Fashion Yourself Forward”

  1. It does feel good to have fresh clothes, appropriate for the season. I tend to slight myself in this area because I have five kids who need to be clothed, but I do LOVE having something fun to wear. It can make such a difference in attitude and how we feel about ourselves.


  2. Hi Roxane- it does feel good to have a few nice pieces hanging in your closets for those times when you wanna play dress up & become an adult:) I know of what you speak (although I have 2 grownups now) Raising our children tend to put our woman fashionista sense on hold…

    No worries, somehow, like Stella,we women always end up getting our groove back!



  3. Hey, I’m in need of some wardrobe assistance. If you ladies learn of anyone giving away gently worn summer gear in a size 4 or 6, let me know.

    As for my “seasoned” divas, it pleases my heart to see women over 40 stepping tall and looking snazzy. It means they have not become complacent and can work “it” despite their season-ness.


    1. Will do Marcie, thanks for paying it forward. Looking snazzy over 40,50, and beyond is quite doable without having to spend beyond your budget. In my case, have to make an effort to brave the malls (shopping isn’t one of my fav things)


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