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Relationships are hard. I know, I’ve survived more than a few in my life time. As women, we tend to want to do all and be all to maintain our men on their  ‘keep him happy” radar. Well, I’ve got news for women with stars in their eyes and foolish ideas when it comes to relationships. It’s not just about the man. It’s about you as well. If you’re spending all of your time and energy trying to keep a man who is, most definitely, not a keeper, then, there’s something wrong with this picture. Keeping  your man happy doesn’t have to mean you have to be miserable (which I hear all too often in woman conversation)

In reading T.D. Jakes take on women and what men shoud know, I’m partial to his Woman Thou Art Loosed book where he states that “When God made woman, he put something special inside of us that men will find irresistable”. He goes on to say that every woman has that special something that a man will want to know and cherish. So, in this instance, I’m turning the tables and putting the spotlight on women. Men, who want a good woman, will jump through hoops to get her (not actually jump through hoops) but, you’re authentic women, you get my drift:)

Prepare yourself to stay true to yourself. Men like a challenge. Don’t cater to his every whim, unless, he’s demonstrated that he’s quite capable of catering to yours and does so. Marriage is quoted as being a 50/50 proposition. I’d hastened to state that women percentage should be a tad bit higher, but, that’s just me. Life is so much brighter when you have a soulmate to share it with, but, not to get it twisted. You don’t have to settle for “Mr. Right Now” if you’re wanting a ” Mr. Right” because he’s out here searching for you. Open your heart & speak on it!

BTW: Thanks to all of my loyal readers for hanging in there these  several days. Computer mishaps put my voice to rest, but, now I’m back and eager to hear from you on your journey to authenticity. Share your insights with us as you’d like:)