Recently LeBron James, the basketball-er, MVP and Olympic Gold Medalist decided to sign with Miami, leaving his fans in his hometown of  Cleveland Ohio angry and disappointed. He stated in a post- deciding interview with Robin Roberts of GMA , how Warren Buffet’s great advice helped him make a decision when it came to choosing the team he would prefer to play with after his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers ended.

That great advice from one of the richest men in the world? “Follow your gut.”

For men, the natural flow of things can be liken to a gut feeling, whereas for women, it’s usually based upon an innate knowing of a thing which allows us to “follow our first mind” in some of our important decision making. What is it about this intuitive & unexplained sensory perception that has led us in many “right” directions?

Back when I fashioned myself a “poet”. I was given the descriptive honor of being labeled an “intuitive” poet by one fan of my work. At the time I liken the meaning to someone who has a certain “feel” for their work. I’d always written from an emotional standpoint anyway when it came to my poems, so, it just felt right to go with the title at the time.

Intuition, in my mind, is something closely akin to having “faith”. It is the acceptance of thing unseen,yet clearly witnessed by the human eye.  After all, the phrase, “a woman’s intuition” wasn’t uttered for naught… I’m sort of digging the whole intuitive process. It has led me to more joys than disappointments on my journey to authenticity. I know that I will continue to “follow my gut” . It is what it is.

How about you women on a journey to self-awareness? Do you embrace your intuitive self?

Do share your experiences.

And always treat yourself special:)