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Dandelion seeds (achenes) can be carried long ...
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Brown Flax Seeds.
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I’m writing from the comfort of my couch this morning when I actually should be walking the halls at my day job, taking care of my patients. Being told to go home today because of overstaffing was just God’s way of allowing me to continue my work of paying it forward from home. It’s what women in my mama’s day often referred to as “sowing seeds”.

There is no place I’d rather be than right here, writing my thoughts to women like you & me. Women on a journey of self awareness and re- discovery. I love the fact that I was chosen to do the work that I do (I believe this passion for helping other women was a destined path) as nurse,writer, and communicator. I am trained to use my skills as a nurse to assist folks back to a place of health& healing – where they can return to their activities of daily living.

I’d like to think that I use my voice from living & learning from life experiences here at Wisewoman2 to aid other women on their journey to the place where they are accepting of & becoming the woman they’ve always wanted to know. The journey to becoming  authentic. I’d like to remind women of their self-worth. Of their voice. That they can live their lives productive and whole. And knowing that “I am enough”- Iyanla Vanzant

How do you sow seeds & inspire others? Your words of inspiration might be used in a book for motivating women to authenticity.


6 thoughts on “Inspiring Others…”

  1. I love the idea of sowing the seeds. It’s a great visual, and so true. I often use analogies that have something to do with flowers, seeds and soil, so it’s perfect in my mind.

    I love nurturing others. Yes, we were made to do this, to both give and receive the seeds of nurturing. It’s part of what makes life worth living.

    I enjoyed the thought of you at your couch, making the most of your day off. 🙂


  2. Hi Roxane, good to hear from you. Yes, it’s a great thing to relax & let your muse guide your fingers on the keyboard 🙂 Flowers, seed & the soil of the earth? Perfect analogies as it applies to you/r work..

    Mother Nature,perfect for creating and perfect in the eyes of the creator.



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