Mother Nature

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Weeding through some works from back in the days of fashioning myself a “poet” as I’ve mentioned in previous posts:) I found a Christmas card given to me by another poet. After reading the card, I became really humbled by it and I’ll tell you why in a bit. The card led me to make a list of all the things I’m humbled by. Here goes: 

1 Childbirth

2. Death. Transitioning into death. The face of grief…

3. GOD

4.Innocence/Trust children have which can sometimes lead to abuse &

 their violent demise.

5. Wisdom of the elderly

6. Mother Nature- her beauty & her devastation

7. Praise

And then, there are the folks who have done & continue to do great things, without an ulterior motive. The card that brought this post about came from a young poet who was new to the city. I’d invited her to come to a poetry reading & share her work. She did and her work was fantastic! The card reads, in part:

“I was lost in a world without words. I had forgotten them. You invited me into your world of words I had forgotten and helped me find myself.”

Women of authencity, what are you humbled by?