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Lessons In Humility…

Mother Nature
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Weeding through some works from back in the days of fashioning myself a “poet” as I’ve mentioned in previous posts:) I found a Christmas card given to me by another poet. After reading the card, I became really humbled by it and I’ll tell you why in a bit. The card led me to make a list of all the things I’m humbled by. Here goes: 

1 Childbirth

2. Death. Transitioning into death. The face of grief…

3. GOD

4.Innocence/Trust children have which can sometimes lead to abuse &

 their violent demise.

5. Wisdom of the elderly

6. Mother Nature- her beauty & her devastation

7. Praise

And then, there are the folks who have done & continue to do great things, without an ulterior motive. The card that brought this post about came from a young poet who was new to the city. I’d invited her to come to a poetry reading & share her work. She did and her work was fantastic! The card reads, in part:

“I was lost in a world without words. I had forgotten them. You invited me into your world of words I had forgotten and helped me find myself.”

Women of authencity, what are you humbled by?


2 thoughts on “Lessons In Humility…”

  1. What a great question, Clara. I think humility is among the most important attributes to which we can strive. Some think humility is the same as being a doormat. No, not at all. True humility allows us to see ourselves in the context of our life as creatures of God, beautiful, lovable, precious creatures, but we are not gods unto ourselves. It is good for us to remember this. It helps put things into perspective. I think almost every mother knows that her kids can serve up a piece of humble to her on a daily basis. We can never get too haughty as mothers. Our children will nearly always bring us back to earth in a hurry. That’s one of the reasons we are transformed through the mere act of being mothers. But being grounded isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s very good, if we approach it in the right way. We can be dignified and humbled at the same time.

    Thanks for your great posts!


  2. Roxane,
    Thanks for taking time out from your respite to visit. Your words are always encouraging & spot on and I appreciate your honest feedback on humility. Our children most definitely humble us:)


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