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Random Acts of Kindness

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I was coming home from work on Sunday when I encountered my neighbor’s mother visiting here from India. In her hands was a platter filled with steaming containers. We stopped to shake hands in introduction. She explained that she had knocked on my door to bring me food she’d prepared for her daughters & sons. This lady and I had never met and I honestly can count the times her daughter and I actually held a conversation… here she was bringing me food.

That gift of food from a total stranger was refreshing. The cusine gave my taste buds a pleasant whirl as it went down warm, delicious & spicy:) I had been warned by my visiting neighbor that it would be as we hugged and exchanged new found pleasantries.

An old African Proverb states “It takes a village to raise a child”. Recently I was watching a popular tv talk/gossip show talking about the plight of little Shannon .The young girl who had landed her dream role as Nala in The Lion King on Broadway only to learn that she has Leukemia & needs a bone marrow transplant.

A circle of love was formed by Shannon’s broadway family as they held a bone marrow drive in New York’s Times Sq, asking folks to come get swabbed and tested in hopes of being a match for Shannon. I tweeted the information as well in an attempt to aid the drive for this little girl. At last report, folks all over responded, online and off, set up bone marrow drives in their cities.

It doesn’t take a lot of time, energy or cost to extend a hand. As I was coming home from work, exhausted and a bit cranky from walking & standing all day, I never expected the kind gesture of a stranger to brighten my day and put food on my table:) but, she did.

It’s the small things that count. I’m writing this post to encourage more random acts of kindness in the world. Lord knows, we can never get enough.

It takes a village, but truly starts with just one person. What random acts of kindness have you shown? Been shown towards you/someone you know?

P.S. Getting swabbed is simply taking a cotton swab(sterile) and satruating the tip from secretions inside the cheek for specimen. It doesn’t invole any blood tests, needles, sticking, cutting, or tearing… Promise. Visit ABCNEWS.COM/GMA for more info about Shannon.


4 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness”

  1. Opportunities for kindness are present every day. This past week, a writer/speaker that I admire asked for my blog address and gifted me with a book that her mother wrote. The book is no longer in print. I feel honored by this person whom I look up to for inspiration.


  2. Clara, your posts are always so refreshing. I loved how you described this gift that was offered you. I could just feel the love that you felt from this “stranger.” We never know just how our actions will impact others. Which is why it’s so important to just keep love at the fore as often as possible. Thanks for sharing this blessing with us! I’m always brought to my knees, or at least to tears of joy, when I am the recipient of such acts. I hope I am giving even more than receiving — that’s my goal. Blessings to you! Roxane


    1. Hi Roxanne, always glad to see you here. I was so humbled by this woman’s kind gesture and gentle approach. Like you, I’d much rather be the “giver” vs “receiver” but,we must be doing something right on this journey in the eyes of the beholder, right?:)


      P.S. I appreciate your encouraging comments.


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