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Lessons Learned After Becoming A Single Working Parent!

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The events of the last week were not meant to become the topic for discussion on my blog for empowering women, but, I definitely feel lessons learned should be shared to help others cope, bring laughter, or, just a way to say, I understand now; I get it. It’s been a long while since my two children were little. But, now that they’re adults, I’ve become a grandmother of 5 adorable ones ranging in age from 15 to 2 years old.

For various reasons this week, both of my children needed me to care for their children. I took on the task wholeheartedly, going into battle with starry eyes and a light heart. After days of  meal plannings because of picky eaters ( grammy, that cereal smells like peanut butter…I hate peanut butter!”  bathing schedules (towels all around) garbage details (whose turn?) ok, mine as usual. Potty training that’s not quite there yet (thank the lord for pullups) and attempting to clock in at my day job on time…missed it, dang! Well, I had to ice the cinnamon rolls I popped into the oven before leaving for work and scribble last minute details to the teenager, didn’t I?

To be sure, women with children who are working to provide for their families and doing it alone, need to be commended because, from where I’m sitting,  the job in the workplace doesn’t even compare to the one that remains a constant at home…raising children. Speaking of? Just before the children came, I took some time going around child proofing the furniture and any jagged edges as a preventive measure for their safety, only, today I don’t see much child proofing materials left. 

I have already stopped in the midst of posting 3 times this midday sunday, (off work finally) to untangle a wrestling match. Supervise an impromptu bath and oversee a late sleeper’s breakfast which turned into an early lunch. Hmmm, I’m exhausted. Funny, the children doesn’t seem to notice a bit. The teen is talking constantly on her cell, while the tv is turned on Demand and is basically watching itself ! 

As today turns into evening and I’ve missed quite a few rejuvenating moments of early morning “me” times and a few calgon moments in the bathtub, I think how blessed I am to have them here and so very blessed to be able to send them home to loving parents:) I can do this with a light heart because I’m only grammy. It’s mothers raising children alone while working outside the home that became basis for this post. I tip my hat to you all and when the pressures become a bit overwhelming, take them to grandma’s house…We love having them… for a spell!

Oh, yea, women of authenticity, any advice for the G-moms (9 year old so dubbed us) out there would be well appreciated:)


4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned After Becoming A Single Working Parent!”

  1. Clara, this is great. It IS exhausting, and even when we don’t have to try to get to a job by 8 am, or whatever, the job at home is always there. I teach piano lessons from my home and work on my writing, but I am always mom. Thanks for being a terrific Grandma by loving and caring for the grands and giving your kids a break.


    1. Hi Mary-good to see you here:) Actually, I had a ball & sorta miss them;) Yet, it was an eye opener to what a lot of single & working parents have to go through raising children. Good that you can be a stay @ home working mom!

      Nevertheless, when stressed, take time out & send them to grandma’s!



  2. Clara, I just got back from a short retreat which would not have been possible without grandparents helping. Our parents have been lifesavers to us this past summer and other summers in particular. I plan to write my next newspaper column on this topic. We are blessed to have you Grandmas and Grandpas in our lives! As for advice, just love them like you do, even when they don’t act like you think they should. We are just as mystified by them as you.


    1. Roxanne- so glad you got away for a bit & yes, grandparents are grand:) But, the love we have for our grands are multiplied just by the fact that they are our children/children.

      Understand the need to write about the subject as “it” won’t allow you to rest until you do just that!



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