thsowTo me, time management is a big deal. It’s how I plan my days. By keeping track of how we use our time, we’re more apt to finish old projects and start new ones. However, it takes a huge amount of self-discipline to use our time constructively.

I’m easily bored and if I’m not writing something that gets my creative juices flowing, I tend to become complacent and easily distracted by other things.

At some point I’m knowing what I must do to get the job done, but it’s so much more exciting to watch a testy debate between the women of The View or zero in on a Wendy “how you doin?” Williams segment instead of getting work done…yep, a waste of valuable time.

It’s so easy for us to put off what we could accomplish today for what we plan to do tomorrow. In REALITY we’re wasting more than a day’s worth of being productive contributors to society. I know for me, it’s the dang boob tube! and because I’ve identified my one true work from home vice, I’ve worked out a plan to manage my work time more effectively… and you can to.

Change your mindset to manage your time wisely and you can become happily productive. And when the day’s work is completed…

Remember to “treat yourself special.”