Apple Banana Pancakes with Maple Syrup

Image by joana hard via Flickr

Since 2004, I’ve been on a journey of becoming “me”. In essence, I’m redefining, rediscovering and reaffirming the woman I am. It’s what Kathryn Brehony, the clinical psychotherapist and author of Awakening At Midlife, calls a ” reawakening.” It’s like you’ve been sleepwalking through your life in your 20s, 30s and even 40s, to wake up one day and discover there’s so much more to the person you are.

At 20, truth be told, I could care less about the meaning of authenticity, or some journey to rediscovering my truth. my purpose and meaning that God had planned for my life. It was about experiencing all of the wonders that being out in the world had to offer. At 30 something, it was about putting my wants & needs aside as I concentrated on children, spouse, family,friends, and maintaining a sense of job security.

In my mid-40s  recently divorced and an empty-nester, I found myself literally asking “Is this all there is for me”? “”Is this who I am?” I was in search of finding my truth and thus, the journey began to becoming me. I’m up early to respond to some questions I find people have as they make their way to this blog , I’m assuming, in search of defining their “authenticity”. Folks search for:

1. The meaning of authenticity

2.How to become an authentic woman

3.The authentic woman experience…

First of all, there’s no special class for discovering your personal ‘truth.’ Your JOURNEY ultimately becomes your reawakening from living and learning from your own life experiences. By being present in the moments of life. Experiencing and surviving the good, bad and ugly of  life and by knowing that you are spiritual, yet, you’re  living a human existence, you will come to know your purpose. You will find your meaning and discover your  passion along the way.

Webster defines authenticity as worthy of acceptance or belief. Not imagining, false, or, imitation. You become genuine, bona fide, like the maple in maple syrup (webster again) and the brand name instead of generic (my analogy)) anyway you slice it, when you embark upon your journey, you’ll know it and embrace it wholeheartedly.

P.S. I’m off to breakfast in a couple of hours with like-minded friends. We’re celebrating the fact that we don’t have to work today and we can gorge ourselves, just because! Feel free to share your journey to truth.