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Facing Our Fears…

Fear of Flying (novel)
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Let’s be real. We all become afraid at some point in our lives. Whether it’s starting a new job. Finding out about a first pregnancy. Having to make a speech in front of a captive audience for the first time. Fear of flying. The scenarios are endless. Fear is a part of who we are as human being.

The fun and yes, challenging part of fear comes about when we decide that fear will not cripple us, or get the last laugh because we are ever learning how to combat our fears. Whether we’re getting fed strength through spiritual teachings or practicing positive affirmations, we’re determined to live our lives… fight the good fight and become the victor when confronted with the dreaded fear factor.

Recently, a friend on the West coast asked if I’d consider helping out another friend who has become caught up in a rather sticky/legal situation and for which the friend would need guidance in approach & preparation in dealing with these situations. Of course, I said anything I could do. To make a long story short. I’ve accepted a challenging and for this person, a serious undertaking in the quest for righting a wrong.

I’m petrified, of course, that 1. another person could trust that adding my voice /deeds could help to make a difference and 2. second guessing myself on whether I could do the job this person in need is seeking might ultimately derail my efforts to help. Fear comes from every angle, inciting doubt and indecision. It makes us question our own capabilities, regardless of age, or, experience. I’ve added my voice to many organizations for change. I’ve spoken out against injustice. Published frequently on what I’ve viewed as the rhetoric of politics and I’ve become a sort of one woman advocate for many of my co-workers. I have never tackled such an undertaking as this.

I’m gathering myself up to offer my very best for this friend of a friend and I trust that the truth prevails; with, or, without my input. Sometimes, raising our voices in protest isn’t enough. Sometimes we have to step outside of our comfort zone and stand firm, face to face with the opposition. That’s what this person will have to do and I will face my fears and stand where I’m asked to go, for the sake of preserving justice, dignity, and integrity.

To be authentic, you must face down your personal fears and be open to truth… Care to share your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Facing Our Fears…”

  1. That’s what we’re called to do: Seek justice. It takes a great deal of courage. You are showing your strength in saying yes. You will find that you’re even stronger than you thought. I’ve stood up to a bully, and I’m still standing.


  2. Clara, I think fear is the underlying factor of so many of our surface emotions. Even anger is oftentimes fear-driven. Most of us are scared little children inside (no matter our age), and only through staying near our Creator will we ever have to courage to do what we must, to shine as we are called to shine. Just know that as you move into this place of helping, you will not be alone, nor do you have to solve every aspect of it. They have sought your wisdom and I have no doubt you will lend perspective to the situation. Keep God near and you will undoubtedly be exactly what is needed to move to the next step of healing and resolve. 🙂


    1. Hi Roxanne. It is exactly in these trying times when we must trust that the lord will provide & lead us in the right direction. Although, I’m feeling a bit humbled by the service I’m asked to partake in, I’m also knowing my response when called to help right a wrong can only be an absolute yes!

      Thanks for your reaffirming insights.


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