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Writing Life Into Your Dreams

Delta blues are named for the Mississippi Delt...
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I had a decision to make in regards to posting this morning. There were obvious conflict between writing an uplifting post for my readers, or writing about factual occurrences that are shaping how we’re coping in the world today. I didn’t want to make this morning a morning of regret, sadness and feelings of hopelessness. Given all of the devastating stuff we as a nation have had to deal with, I’m going to tell you a story about struggle and survival.

Once upon a time , there was a little girl born and raised by southern parents in the time of struggle. As this little girl grew into puberty, there came an understanding and  certain “knowing” that something was amiss as she witnessed her parents living life as a person of color in the flatlands of a hot Mississippi Delta. Even, then, this young girl knew that this wasn’t the world her parents should have known. A person’s self worth shouldn’t be measured and dictated to by the color of his skin. My parents never lost their gift for laughter, love and teaching their children the value of integrity. Although faced with opposition & struggle, they found inventive ways for their families continued survival. My parents never allowed themselves to think upon “defeat”.

Today, many struggles abound. There’s been loss of lives from hurricanes, oil spills, floods, mines collapsing, and gang violence. Many families are without food and shelter because of the rise in unemployment . In Haiti and Pakistan, children are dying at a rapid rate for lack of medical attention, housing, food and fresh drinking water. If I could write life into my dreams, I would dream it in my world:

Perfection is not an objective. Nature soothes the tormented soul. Money is not an option. Struggle is obsolete. Life is precious. Food free. Medical intervention comes on a must have basis. Housing provided on a grand scale. Parents love & respect themselves; thereby gaining the love and respect from their children.  Hopscotch & Jump rope become a  little girl’s childhood play date. Little boys understand the act of playing “cops & robbers”. That faith prevails and that we as a people never omit to dream…”Nothing happens unless first a dream.” Carl Sandburg.

Women of authenticity, keep dreaming. Keep loving. Keep creating!


4 thoughts on “Writing Life Into Your Dreams”

  1. Clara, don’t stop dreaming. Our good God wants good and wonderful things for all of us. Some we will receive in this life, some in another, but we need to keep reaching. Thanks for being real. 🙂


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