mother in nuclear family

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I’ve come to the conclusion that women are invaluable to society. Not only are we the nurturers to our spouses, sons, & daughters, we are essentially the backbone to their survival. Think about how far we’ve come since living life experiences with our parents. Watching and learning how they did it. Life is hard now and it was hard then. Different times. Different generations who coped with and survived the many obstacles that lay in their path. Women, like my mother kept a garden that produced great & nutritious foods for us during those long, harsh winter days when food for many folks were scarce. There’s an old saying that women know how to “stretch” a dollar. Believe me, I’m one of those women, having learned from the best.

Now, we’re facing huge obstacles in this season of life. Yet, if we stop for a moment and think on the positives, we’ll see opportunities for growth in all of the madness. Women of all walks & caliber of life have decided that they will not go down without a fight. A fight to better themselves in order to provide for their families. My daughter, a working mom of two girls have decided to go back to school to get her degree. This semester is easier than the last, because she has worked from a place of priority when it comes to providing for her children & their well being and safety. Happily she goes about her duties of living life and working toward her success.

Farmers know that before they can reap a plentiful harvest, they must lay the foundation for a great crop by planting & nurturing their seedlings. Many classes are forming online and off for those women who want to explore their passions. Further their careers and become their own boss. There’s no time like the present to lay our own foundation for success. Take stock of your capabilities and passion for creating. Love to turn out savory meals? Take a cooking/culinary class. Better yet, compile a listing of all of your tried and true recipes and share your works with the world by submitting to local newspapers, newsletters and trade magazines. Getting rave reviews from your writing skills? Hone those attributes by enrolling in a local college offering Continuing Adult Education classes. Want to start your business this season? Take an Entrepreneur course. A Marketing class. Take advantage of Literacy month by sharing your knowledge with your local library offering classes to seniors and young people.

Our success depends upon us making it happen. We’re women stepping out on faith, hope, and determination. Kick off your fall season with success in mind. It starts with a plan, followed by your action to commit and you’re well on the way to becoming the successful woman you’ve always wanted to know.