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“Don’t Worry,Be Happy”

Children dressed up in Halloween costumes.
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How many of you remember that song from Bobby Mcfarrin back in the day? Ok, it’s all about being in a happy state of mind as opposed to being saddened by things happening beyond our control. Bobby would dance around to that snappy little tune and just exhibit a happy spirit while singing, whistling and spinning about. That timely song seemed to catch on and brighten everyone’s day. Even little children would jump about in response and adults would act like little children listening to it! Happiness is so preferred, as opposed to being in a state of constant angst and sadness. We have to get back to being thankful and looking toward the simple things in life that brings us pleasure.

I’m blown away by early mornings and evening sunsets. My favorite time of the year is here with the changing of the seasons when the leaves turn a majestic golden in October. Children laughing and running amuck in their Halloween costumes will surely bring about happy thoughts. Going back to simple things we often take for granted begins with recognizing the abilities we’ve been given. We’re batting a thousand if we’re in good health today. If we’re able to see/hear/touch our children. If we’re able to love our spouses and significant others. I remember how my mom used to get up in the wee hours on saturdays to wash. I would often get irritated at hearing that ole washer going and waking me from a sleep probably filled with images of the latest boy crush in my head.

But, then I’d hear something else on those rare saturdays. .. mama’s singing! She’d be singing in the most angelic & clear voice that soothed my irritation and I’d often fall back to sleep, listening to her voice. A simple thing that brought joy to my mother… getting up in the wee hours on a saturday morning and washing for her family. Life isn’t always so cut and dried. There always seem to be something to worry about because it’s a part of living life, but worrying doesn’t make living life experiences any easier. I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective. I read recently that the foundation for happiness is having a grateful spirit. I can see that…

On a journey to self-awareness, let’s embrace the simple joys of living life…and find ways to “rejoice & be glad in it”.


10 thoughts on ““Don’t Worry,Be Happy””

  1. Clara: Great message and post. I really do agree that we can really live our lives in the greatest way when we appreciate all the things around us. I do think our continual state of mind is so important and it literally creates and shapes the future we experience. If we can do as you suggest and embrace the great things around us, we really can be guaranteed that our lives will unfold in the best way.


    1. Hi Sibyl- So glad for your insightful comment. I was beginning to “worry” that the post’s message had somehow gotten lost in translation:)

      Have a blessed Sunday.


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