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A Constant State of Busyness…

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Are you always “busy”? Too busy at home, at work & just being caught up in the dynamics of taking care of “stuff'”? This constant state of busyness will begin to take a physical and emotional toil on us if we don’t fix us. Women as we all know, are nurturers. We’re always somewhere, doing something. Like Michael Jackson‘s lyrics “Always startin’ something, got to be startin’ something”, women are always up in the mix of  starting & doing something. But, why is this? Why do we feel that we have to keep busy? Ok, we take the required vacations with the scheduled & planned itinerary and yet, nine times out of ten we’re thinking about something that we forgot to do before we left home.

I am guilty of this busyness syndrome at time as well. Just before heading out for a family reunion in lovely Florida this summer, I debated whether I should take my trusted laptop along! A vacation with a laptop? It took all of my resolve not to do it, but it was a tempting and powerful draw that I needed to withdraw from. Once the work is done, women have to tell themselves that it’s alright to take a break. I think that some people are such perfectionists, they forget the bigger picture; things are meant to be out of alignment. It’s how the world works. Trying to keep stuff in its place all the time becomes a preplexing cycle that leads to nowhere.

Sure, many of us work demanding jobs, have families, and care for dependent parents. These things can keep us in a constant state of Busyness! Speaking from a nurse’s point of view and what I often advise women I encounter caring for their sick parents and who, obviously isn’t caring for themselves, “Don’t forget about you.You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.”  In essence, the question becomes what’s going to happen if you become ill? I’m a creature of habit in that I’ve always made time for me. I can be busy to a fault, but when I feel my energy level wan and I find myself getting irritable because of the constant busyness, I’m conditioned to wind myself down. The everyready battery, I’m not!

Relax! Release! Rejuvenate!


4 thoughts on “A Constant State of Busyness…”

  1. Clara, as always, you are right on. I love this: “Trying to keep stuff in its place all the time becomes a perplexing cycle that leads to nowhere.” What wise words! Thanks for the pass! 🙂


  2. Clara: I think this is great advice. We really do have to always make certain we are relaxing and taking a break. It is so easy to get caught up in the endless work cycle, but you have to always make certain you are not pushing yourself too hard. Everyone needs time to recharge and revitalize. Thanks for the additional nudge that I needed to make this a reality 🙂


    1. Sibyl, thanks for your insights as well. I recently had to follow my own advice when I found myself working from the wee hours till mid-day to finish an essay submission…At some point we have to come up for air:)

      Have a great relaxing weekend!


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